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Starfuckers – Make It Drop

Harbouring the intensity of so many infamous STARFUCKERS late night raves, their debut single ‘Make It Drop’, has already become a club anthem for Australia’s underground dance music scene, and has often been touted as the sound you would hear if Dim Mak bitch-slapped AC/DC.

STARFUCKERS production work has been the ‘talk of the town’ for some time now, with their remix work gaining high notoriety amongst club goers, not to mention their music producing piers.

Embraced by some of the most notable of hot young artists, the release features huge remixes from the likes of Angger Dimas, Redial & Night Dimension.

With the film clip set to launch on the 3rd January and submit itself to the viral Internet scene, we can safely indicate this is not the last thing you will read about this release.

Buckle up for the first in a long line of killer productions from these rising stars.

Available for purchase on iTunes, Beatport, Juno etc. etc.

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