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Starfuckers - Autobahn
Starfuckers – Autobahn

The highly anticipated club dominator ‘Autobahn’, goes into 5th gear, hitting digital music shelves on the 29th of September 2013!

Mirra - Blast Off
Mirra – Blast Off

Dutch native up and coming super-star ‘Mirra’ wipes his feet on the House Of Fun’s doormat for the first time, with his debut single – ‘Blast Off’

Starfuckers - Rewind
Starfuckers – Rewind

Starfuckers latest club grinder ‘Rewind’ hits record collections this week with a couple of ace remix tracks

Akami - Scream
Akami – Scream

Italian dance masters ‘Akami’ set the world alight with their brand new club stomper ‘Scream’.


Backing up from their huge last single ‘One Night’, Starfuckers returns with a swing-time club banger

Laz Perkins & Vinny - Virus
Laz Perkins & Vinny – Virus

Laz Perkins and Vinny team up for this once in a lifetime dance floor pandemic – Virus!

Havoc - Feel The Beat
Havoc – Feel The Beat

‘Feel The Beat’ is the brand new EP from up and coming Melbourne beat-giants ‘Havoc’.

D.O.D - Cheers
D.O.D – Cheers

D.O.D’s music is already finding plaudits among the likes of Tiesto, Guetta, Halliwell, Aoki, Laidback Luke, Emery and Hardwell

Marco Pavlin - Avenue
Marco Pavlin – Avenue

With beats designed for the hottest of dance floors, German born ‘Marco Pavlin’ is the quintessential emerging big-room producer.


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