House of Fun Records
‘Awesome’ Release Party

This October long weekend marks the first in a series of ‘Awesome’ releases from the HOUSE OF FUN label… and to Celebrate we’re hosting a POST PARKLIFE KICK-ON PARTY! Come celebrate in style, and leave in shreds.

STARFUCKER DJs and Narrator lead an all-star line up including Ruslan, Trelz, La Dooda, Error and Mon Ami Fresh Meat DJ OH BOY as HOUSE OF FUN launch Narrator’s single ‘Awesome’ featuring epic remixes from STARFUCKERS, La Dooda, LKiD and Stupid Fresh (UK).

The HOUSE OF FUN label has become greater than the sum of it’s parts of late, which speaks volumes when its parts consist of deck veterans STARFUCKER DJs and hot up-and-coming producers like ‘Narrator’. You’ll be able to buy his single online, or he might give you a free one if you suck him off.

C U on da D Floor