House of Fun Records


It’s no secret that the backbone/funnybone of the HOUSE OF FUN Empire is STARFUCKERS, the DJs that have brought you Huge Remixes, Pumping Originals, countless Mix CDs and hosted parties you’d long to remember, if only you could.

STARFUCKERS infamous conspirators Mr. Disorder, Hookie and Trentertainment have played Australia’s biggest parties and festivals/bar mitzvahs and have earned them a less-than-deserved position in Australian Dance Music Royalty.

Strapped to the beast at HOUSE OF FUN studios, these hard working couch potatoes spend most of their free time sipping starbucks and using hard synths as percussive instruments.

The result is is an epic explosion of bright colours, loud mist and euphoric noise only to be experienced on the best of nights, on the best of dance floors.

Do NOT change the channel.