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With an explosion of colour and sound, Hookie’s audio cum-shot drips from the face of the Sydney dance scene and leaves punters and clubbers begging for more.

Co-founder of the infamous STARFUCKERS brand and backbone to the STARFUCKER DJs, Hookie is widely becoming one of Australia’s most sought after DJs, along with his upstart counterparts.

Also known as ‘The Young Master’ or ‘Give me back my drink!’, Hookie has released countless Mix CDs, Including The ‘Less Hands, More Rave!’ series, ‘Neon Nights’ 1 & 2, ‘Thick as Thieves’, ‘Princes of Pump’ and is currently in production of his upcoming EP release ‘To The Top’ with remixes from long time bender companion Mr. Disorder, as well as scores of remixes and originals.

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